Heshoutang Career

  • Heshoutang has made every efforts for long years to create a Traidtional Chinese Medicine system which can be easier and more effective for world people whoever are patients or want to spread this business.
  • If you think our service is good, and you can share your experience with your friend, and ask your friend to load this site: www.mytcmhealth.com, and then you mail us to inform who you have recommended, and we will create your working folder in our patients record software, every end of the month, we will calculate how much you have done from your recommendation, and we will pay you 20% commission of your achievements, this is a great part time job!
  • If you are an affiliate, you can Join Us to start making money right now!
  • If you want to open a natural health clinic or if you already have a store, but you want to help people gain health by natural way professionally, you just need prepare one assistant in your store, and prepare some stock of our products, your assistant is responsible for collecting patients' information by patient form, and then record patients' information into our patient record software(where we will create one account for you), our professional practitioners will give natural health plan in 15 minutes, and patients will get the products away timely. You need not prepare your practitioner, this makes it easy to open natural health clinic of your own!

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